Mainly a walking destination, or boating, Venice has many white, sandy beaches to visit. There is plenty of public transportation options available and parking garages to park your car in while you take a stroll along the canals.

You can rent a luxury car and take a relaxing drive to all the beach areas of Venice, or enjoy a longer drive and go to the mountain areas to see the beauty of the peaks.

With all the waterways, enjoy a ride in a gondola and consider a lesson to learn how to handle one of the many gondolas available. Venice has World Class cuisine establishments available all hours of the day and night.

Any season is a good time to visit Venice. However between October and April, the area is less crowded. The beauty of the flowers and trees in bloom is truly a sight to behold.

The Grand Canal is lined with palaces from the Renaissance Era. If you enjoy music, there are opera performances in the 15th Century Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto. There are many historical sights, architectural amazements and sculptural designs to behold.

Venice is known for its Gothic architecture and it is one place you want to be sure to visit.

Venice Luxury Cars