Stuttgart is an absolutely beautiful city found in southern Germany. If you visit this city in a luxury sports car you will see a great display of geographic diversity with many hills and valleys.

While in Stuttgart you should visit one of the many fantastic parks in Stuttgart and if you get the chance you should also visit the State Gallery.

Stuttgart has a large amount of parks to check out. It is rare for a city in Germany to have a lot of parks so Stuttgart is truly unique. One park you could check out is Killesbergpark which features many different fountains and vineyards. Park your luxury sports car for a while and check out one of the many fantastic parks in Stuttgart.

The State Gallery is a fantastic gallery of art. It is almost two hundred years old but it was basically rebuilt after the events of World War II. The Gallery features an eclectic mix of German, Italian, and Dutch art. Spend some time perusing the State Gallery while you are in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart is a fantastic city with a large variety of different sights to see. The State Gallery and the wide variety of parks are just the tip of the iceberg in this amazing city.

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