Salzburg is one of the largest cities in Austria and it is a fantastic place to visit in a luxury sports car. If you are a fan of classical music you may want to visit the residence of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart was born in Salzburg and he lived there with his family as a child. His family rented a section of a larger building had a kitchen, a chamber, a living room, one bedroom, and a study. Mozart traveled a great deal so he only spent a little bit of time there. You can see where he lived in person if you visit Salzburg.

The Salzburg zoo is also a fantastic place to visit while in Salzburg. Park your luxury sports car for a bit and check out the 1200 animals that live in this enormous zoo. The animals include white rhinoceros and poison arrow frogs. Drive to the Salzburg zoo in your luxury sports car.

Salzburg is a fantastic city to visit if you are a fan of history or simply want an amazing zoo to check out. Rent a luxury car to check out this great city in style.

Salzburg Luxury Cars