Rome is one of the most historic cities in Italy and in Europe as a whole. The city has been the head of an empire and today it contains the head of the Catholic Church. This city is a fantastic place to cruise in a luxury sports car.

During the time of the Roman Empire the Romans held many gladiatorial events inside of the Coliseum. This building still stands today, a monument to the power of the Roman Empire. While it does show some signs of wear one can still tour the arena. If you are in Rome be sure to visit this ancient arena.

Vatican City, home of the Pope, is located in Rome. Within the Vatican there are many different landmarks that are more than worth the trip. Park your luxury sports car and tour the Sistine Chapel or simply walk through the city taking in the majesty of the Vatican. There also numerous museums that contain the vast stores of art collected by the Catholic Church. Checking out these museums is a must if you are a fan of art.

Rome is a fantastic city to visit in a luxury sports vehicle. The city is filled with historic and religious landmarks that are more than worth the trip.

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