The city of Pisa is mostly known for the leaning tower but that is just one of many different monuments in the city of Pisa. One monument you should see while you are in Pisa is The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption.

You also should be sure to check out the shopping while in Pisa. The city is a great place to visit in a luxury sports car.

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption is a great example of Romanesque art. The architect used elements from many different schools of thought to build this piece. If you are religious this is a fantastic and beautiful Cathedral to visit. Drive there in a luxury sports and take in the history.

You should also be sure to do some shopping while in Pisa. On the second weekend of every month there is a local antique market done in the street. If you are in town during that weekend drive your luxury sports car over and check out the market. If you aren’t in town for the street market there are still numerous shops to buy a souvenir at.

Pisa is a fantastic city to visit especially from behind the wheel of a luxury sports car.

Pisa Luxury Cars