Nice is the second largest city on the French Mediterranean coast and is one of the most popular tourist cities in France. Two of the most popular sites in Nice are Old Nice and Le Chateau.

Old Nice is a very unique neighbourhood found in Nice and is a popular site for tourists to visit. It is filled with historic architecture and a great deal of shopping. Park your luxury car and walk through the Old Nice, be sure to get some gelato while you are there.

Very little remains of the castle at Le Chateau but one thing that has only gotten better is the amazing view of the city. Be sure to take your camera with you when you go check out this landmark. Park your luxury sports car at the base of the hill and then either pay to take the elevator up the hill or take the stairs.

Old Nice and Le Chateau are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to amazing places to go in Nice. Nice is a site that you have to visit in your lifetime and it is even better if you have a luxury sports car to tour this historic city in.

Nice Luxury Cars