Marseille is located along the Mediterranean coast of France. With a population of over 800,000 this city is the second largest in the country.

The city has an amazing history and has plenty of amazing sites to see. Seeing this city behind the wheel of a luxury sports car is an amazing experience.

Marseille is an extremely old city. The area around Marseille has been populated for approximately thirty thousand years. There are ancient cave paintings in a cave near the city. This city has seen the rise and fall of many different empires and kingdoms and the history of France and Europe is everywhere in this city. You should absolutely tour as many historical sites as you can in a luxury sports car.

While in Marseille you should absolutely go see the port. Marseille is a port city and has been for long time. During the time of the French Empire the port linked France to its colonies in Northern Africa. Today the port is being redeveloped with funds from the EU. Drive to the port and check out the sites in your luxury sports car.

Marseille is a fantastic city to visit, especially in a luxury sports car. The port and the cave paintings are must see experiences.

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