Marbella is a large, lovely port town in southern Spain. The town, as its name implies, has beaches, and a lot of them, with 24 of them stretching over the course of 27 kilometres.

This town is beautiful in and of itself, though it is positioned squarely between Malaga, the third largest city in Spain, and the Strait of Gibraltar. The city has several museums, performance areas, and hosts many cultural musical events throughout the year.

Whether you decide to stay in the confines of the town itself, or to visit the surrounding areas and cities, you’ll want to get around. We suggest the stylish approach, as this is a vacation spot for many of the rich and famous. Getting a luxury car hire would be highly suggested, and a supercar hire would be an excellent choice.

Driving along the Andalusian coast would be a most marvellous and beautiful way to spend a day, stopping by places that serve only the best Spanish cuisine available. Marbella, from the Orange Square, filled with its excellent stores and restaurants to Puerto Banus, a massive, lovely marina, with some of the most impressive yachts in the world, is not to be passed over!

Marbella Luxury Cars