Known for being the global epicenter of worldwide diplomacy, Geneva is the second most populated city of the country of Switzerland.

Geneva is regarded as the “Peace Capital” due to its hosting of more international organizations in their city than any other place in the world, including several UN agencies, such as the Palais de Nations. The city evokes peace in other ways as well. For example, a drive behind the wheel of a luxury car to the city’s lakeshore will lead you to Geneva’s dazzling water landmark, Jet d’Eau de Genève, a fountain that spouts water about 140 meters into the air.

Other noteworthy points of travel include the often duplicated but never replicated masterpiece: The Flower Clock, which consists of over 6,000 flowers all arranged to form a large clock that depicts Swiss time accurately and changes with the season. The Alpine Garden is the perfect place to learn more about Swiss plant heritage. Parc la Grange is the setting for the loveliest array of roses, cultivating hundreds of different kinds.

In addition to nature elements Geneva has to offer, it also houses a very art-focused demographic, including a bohemian-esque sister town called Carouge filled with artists and artisans alike brimming with eccentricities. Another place where you can be exposed to art without sacrificing luxury is the city’s Centre d’Art Contemporain located in Bain’s District where you can eat delicious food, meet interesting people, and explore the different art the modern contemporary museum has to offer.

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