Bordeaux is the Capitol of France’s Aquitaine region. It is a beautiful port city divided in two along the Garonne River leaving you with twice as much to discover.

As the wine capitol of the world, the city is full of opportunities to define your palate. A recent renovation initiative left the city with gorgeous remoulded historic monuments. What better way to tour streets lined with sights from the Roman ages than in a classic luxury car?

Bordeaux treats it travellers to a plethora of beauty and culture. It plays host to 11 museums and ten botanical gardens and parks. Coast through city in style as you enjoy sights like The Grand Theatre, standing tall for over two hundred years. Feel the breeze off the Garonne River in your hair as your luxury hire glides over the Stony Bridge. This historic landmark built by Napoleon has been connecting the historic district on the left side of the riverbank with La Bastide district on the right for close to 150 years.

The city offers many fine dining options as well. Top rated cuisine paired with world-class wine is a pride of Bordeaux. Whether you’re driving through the Right Bank or Left, make sure you’re in a car as classic and beautiful as Bordeaux.

Bordeaux Luxury Cars