Berlin, a city best known for its status as the capital of Germany, is also a cultural mecca. Its mild climate is home to numerous forests, parks and bodies of water.

There is a vibrant nightlife scene, museums and palaces to explore, and a diverse cuisine. While German is obviously the main language spoken, it is easy to find information in English, and in some instances, French. Most young people can speak English, but it would not hurt to know a few key German phrases.

Berlin houses over 50 theatres and more than 150 museums, so you will want to hire a luxury vehicle in order to see as many of the sights as possible. The Reichstag is a must, as well as the Berlin Television Tower and The Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre. The temperate climate makes for smooth automobile travel as you cruise in and around the city. Not having to deal with the stresses of public transportation will be an invaluable addition to your travel experience.

The city has many restaurants and bars to tour. The Mitte district is home to Michelin approved German, French, and Asian cuisine. By renting a luxury car, you will be able to make it to every spot on your travel itinerary.

Berlin Luxury Cars